Mobile cabinet

Specification Porcelain countertop, no color bleeding Stainless steel construction Professional drawer compartment Size: 490*510*800mm 
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The production of medical cabinets and laboratory cabinets all use nano-coated stainless steel plates and color stainless steel plates as raw materials The countertop adopts the sink and the stainless steel plate conjoined countertop, and all the stainless steel integrated cabinets have no welding spot during the production process. The instrument tray is made of ABS food-grade plastic, white, smooth and oil-resistant. It can be taken out and cleaned at any time. It can used be stored separately. * 10W Wireless charger + USB 5.0V charge hole * It supports apple and Android wireless charging phones, which can provide sufficient power for your phone at any time.The power supply system of this cabinet can supply power for 5 devices at the same time. * Double-layer silent wheel with brake * It adopts 3-inch (100mm height, 70mm diameter) double-disc bearing casters specially designed for hospitals. The surface is covered with polyurethane, durable and quiet, which does not hurt the floor. All four wheels are equipped with brakes, which can be locked at any time.When moving, keep stable and do not drift, four wheel load can reach more than 150KG. * 4.8L Hanging trash can * 8L hanging trash can can be randomly placed on both sides or back to improve the operation efficiency of doctors. * Transparent acrylic label card * Each drawer is equipped with acrylic label card and 5-color coated paper writable label, which is easy to insert and take, allowing you and your assistant to quickly identify the contents of the drawer and improve work efficiency. * it can use for hospital, stomatology department, clinic, beauty salon, public cashier assistant storage, studio, home creation space, school, government offices. * The main body is made of E1 grade wood-based panel with 18.8mm thick crystal surface (high brightness plexiglass finish), with high strength, waterproof dip, anti - distortion characteristics. * Space aluminum sand silver pull handle - long service life and High strength, safe and beautiful.

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