Economic Type Middle Level Dental Chair Dental Unit JPSE50A

Name of Production: dental unit JPSE50A Standard Specification: Electronic control panel on the the instrument tray Handpiece hoses 3pcs 3-way syringe 2pcs X-ray film viewer Integrated ceramic cuspidor
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Standard Specification: Electronic control panel on the the instrument tray Handpiece hoses 3pcs 3-way syringe 2pcs X-ray film viewer Integrated ceramic cuspidor Cup-filler & bowl rinse Air suction (with filter) Clean water system Operating light & arm Complete electric dental chair Headrest for adult and children Foot controller Features: All the handpieces tubing is made in USA Metal coated paint Anti-retraction valves to prevent cross contamination system Flush system Radius system Options: Imported high speed air turbine handpieces Imported low speed air motor handpieces Ultrasonic scaler 2.1 Dental chair 2.1.1 limited weight of the chair ≤ 135kg, can be up and down, no suddenly jumped phenomenon 2.1.2 minimal height of the seatrest: 380~810mm. 2.1.3 headrest can bear 300N backward power after locking 2.2 Treating system 2.2.1 standard configuration of the system Driving motor Dental lamp Glass cuspidor Down hung handpiece operating system Chinese syringe tube and American handpiece tube 2.3 Handpiece compatibility This delivery system is designed to be compatible with air dirven handpieces only that comform to ISO 14457 and obtain the CE marking with notified body number. The handpieces which are mentioned below in the use manual are air dirven handpieces. For the air driven handpiece, tubing is available in either 4-hole Midwest tubing or 3-hole Borden tubing. The end user will have specified the preferred type prior to ordering from the factory. It is responsibility of the end user to procure appropriate handpieces for use with this delivery system. Certain countries may have particular regulation regarding which handpieces are acceptable for use; e.g. countries in the European Union require handpieces which meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC. See your local dealer for additional information. 2.4 Suction saliva head The suction saliva head was not provided by Sunlight. Must buy the suction saliva head by yourself. Beyond that, the suction saliva head should have good biological compatibility and meet the ISO 10993 series standard. 3.1 Intended Use: The treatment unit serves for diagnosis, therapy and dental treatment of humans by skilled professionals. 3.2 Prohibitions and Contraindication Treatment with curing light mini LED: •Looking to the LED light emission cause eye damage. •Curing light should not be used in people who suffer or have suffered Photobiological reactions or in individuals who are currently treated with drugs that increase the sensitivity. Side effect: The side-effects of Dental Units are the damage of operating light to eyes and skin and teeth damaged during water washing whose advantages far outweigh the disadvantages however. Therefore, from literature review and the state of art it’s acceptable for possible risks of Dental Units. The unit is made of dental chair and delivery system. 5.1 dental chair is made of driving system, control system, seatrest, backrest and headrest; 5.2 delivery system is made of cuspidor and the box, treating tray, handpiece, dental light, the arm of the tray, the are of the light, handpiece control and suction system. 5.3 treating tray is made of syringe, viewer, handpiece tubings and adaptor, valves and plastic covers; 5.4 dental light is made of switch, bulb, reflector, cover and frame; 5.5 foot control is made of valves, covers and tubings; 5.6 suction system is made of suction and saliva ejectors, tubings, suction and saliva heads. NOTE: Dental chair surface and arm rest are applied parts.

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